Sickness Absence Support

Occupational health support and advice at an early stage in the absence to help manage sickness absence.

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Sickness absence is potentially a major cost to any organisation and the management of sickness absence can be a challenge. In addition health problems adversely affecting the performance of an individual who remains in work, so-called presentism, is also potentially very costly.We can help manage those risks and costs in supporting the management of sickness absence.

Occupational health support to Human Resources (HR) in the management of sickness absence is often crucial in managing the employee fairly and successfully.

Early intervention in the spell of sickness absence has clearly been shown to be beneficial not only in reducing the likely duration of such absence but also in improving the chances of returning to work and continuing to provide reliable and effective service.There is also a considerable benefit in reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with sickness absence.

We will work closely with you to provide a service that is closely aligned to your own sickness absence management policies. Early referral to occupational health is often part of such policies and in providing a responsive and flexible service we can ensure that the employer has the necessary specialist advice from the outset to safely and legally support and manage the employee.

Sickness absence support can be undertaken by face-to-face consultation with the Consultant Occupational Physician or with an experienced Occupational Health Nurse Adviser. In addition we can offer remote consultations either by telephone or by secure Internet-based video call.

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