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How we can help
with Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal disorders are extremely common and have a substantial effect on an individual’s work and hence your business.

Managing the working environment results in reducing sickness absence, improving performance, and ensures compliance with Regulations.

Specialist advice in ergonomics, both assessments of the workplace and expert DSE assessments helps foster improved productivity.

Audit of musculoskeletal conditions and related factors such as sickness absence, performance concerns and accidents informs further actions.

Workshops on manual handling advice, training for DSE assessors etc prevent or reduce musculoskeletal conditions.

Specialist equipment provision, such as desking, chairs, keyboards etc. is closely matched to the individual and your specific requirements.

We will help in :

  • Minimising sickness absence
  • Reducing costs associated with musculoskeletal disorders
  • Improving and maintain function
  • Enhancing the performance and resilience of your team
  • Performance of your business.

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