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What are the benefits of occupational health?

There are many benefits to offering your employees an occupational health service. Looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees is proven to have a direct impact on improving sickness levels, staff retention rates, morale, engagement levels and the bottom line of your business.

With a focus on attracting and retaining top talent, businesses cannot afford to overlook the importance employees are now putting on their health and how their job roles are affecting them both physically and mentally.

How can occupational health help reduce sickness levels?

Sickness absence is potentially a major cost to any organisation and the management of sickness absence can be a challenge. In addition, health problems adversely affecting the performance of an individual who remains in work, so-called presentism, is also potentially very costly. We can help manage those risks and costs in supporting the management of sickness absence.

Occupational health support to Human Resources in the management of sickness absence is often crucial in managing the employee fairly and successfully.

Early intervention in the spell of sickness absence has clearly been shown to be beneficial, not only in reducing the likely duration of such absence but also in improving the chances of returning to work and continuing to provide reliable and effective service. There is also a considerable benefit in reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with sickness absence.

We will work closely with you to provide a service that is closely aligned to your own sickness absence management policies. Early referral to occupational health is often part of such policies and in providing a responsive and flexible service, we can ensure that the employer has the necessary specialist advice from the outset to safely and legally support and manage the employee.

What medicals do you offer?

We offer a range of health surveillance to ensure compliance with regulations such as The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, (COSHH), The Noise at Work Regulations, The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations etc.

Health surveillance can be carried out either at our own clinical offices in the Preston, Lancashire or alternatively at the client’s own site. Typically, the health surveillance is conducted by a trained nurse or occupational health advisor experienced in HAVS, audios, spirometry etc. We can also provide comprehensive reporting following such health surveillance to help the employer in planning and reviewing control measures to minimise risk.

  • Lung function testing – spirometry
  • Skin surveillance
  • Vision screening
  • Hearing testing – audiometry
  • Appointed doctor medicals – statutory medicals for Ionising radiation, Lead, Asbestos, COSHH
  • Night worker questionnaire and assessment
  • Driver medicals (vocational drivers including PCV, LGV, FLT, Plant Operators)
  • Hand Arm Vibration assessments – HAVS

Do you only hold appointments at your clinical premises?

We can hold appointments at our clinical premises, onsite at our client’s premises or at the employee’s home address in certain circumstances where appropriate.

How quickly would we be able to get an appointment?

We are generally able to offer an appointment within two weeks and will do our best to arrange appointments sooner than this if required depending on the length and type of appointment needed.

How long will a report take?

We aim to return any reports within 2 working days of the consultation dependent on whether the employee requests to see the report before it is sent to their employer or not.

Would we have to sign up to a long-term contract?

We are happy to work with our clients on both an ad-hoc basis or put more formal contracts in place when appropriate and required by either ourselves or our client. We aim to remain flexible with any arrangements we have with our clients and are happy to review arrangements as and when necessary.

What wellbeing services do you offer?

We can provide a range of wellbeing services, from workshops on matters such as handling stress and mental health, to individual wellbeing reviews. Wellbeing reviews are a useful and valuable way of providing employees with a general assessment regarding their health (e.g. weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diet and exercise advice) and also a chance for an informal chat regarding any concerns an employee may have which they may otherwise not have the opportunity to discuss with a health professional.

Do you offer any training / workshops we could provide to our employees?

We offer a range of workshops on a whole variety of topics including X and are willing to tailor our delivery to your individual training needs if there is a particular topic that needs addressing in the workplace.

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